Timelines – Episode 005


Last time I talked about slowing down and how I used timeline therapy to do just that.

Now everyone can use this nifty concept.

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Workaholics going on holiday.

Workaholics in hospital! I’ve met quite a few!

Normal people trying to relax and just wanting to have a break.

Those of us wanting and needing to reconnect with ourselves. So this is one easy way to slow down.

So just imagine that if you could see your past, your present and your future represented as a line, where would it be?

What color is it?
Is it moving
or is it still?
Does it make a sound?
Does it have a scent?

Just make it up there’s no right or wrong!

I’ve used this with many of my clients at the clinic when I know they are anxious, exhausted with aching muscles and joint pain.

Some people see their timeline laid out in front of them like a ribbon or a road.
Some see theirs as circular or moving into shapes.
Some are colorful, or misty or anything they desire it to look like.

Some lines don’t touch the body and some go right through the body.

The choice is up to you.

Some people like to see the entire line in front of them or on an angle so they can keep an eye on all their time, their past, their present and their future.

Others have their future in front of them, their present going through them and their past going behind them.

So when I was explaining to the patient in the last episode about what I did to change my timeline. I said I was anxious about family and work and still organising people when I knew I should have been resting.

So to give me a break I needed to change the position of my timeline. Mine was in front of my body because I liked to keep an eye on everything.

So to change that I closed my eyes and imagined my timeline was running through my body.

My past was on my left and my future was on my right and my present time was running through my body!

In an instant, I felt a lot calmer and my breathing slowed.

I was in the now!

I use this when I go on holidays. As soon as I’m on the plane I move my timeline so the present time is running through me.

It’s too late to worry about anything once I’m on that plane so it’s time to relax!

The change was instant.

So that’s what I left the patient with. I also suggested he imagined that he had a massage as well because I knew how much he enjoyed them.

Remember the unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined! So it’s up to you to get the good chemicals flowing!

Next time I’ll be talking about what our minds hold on tooth and nail to keep.

So until next then. Don’t just exist, live life!

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