The Power of the Yin – Episode 008

The Power of the Yin

Welcome! I’m Shayne and thanks for joining me again In After The Waiting Room.

It’s storytime today.

Please join me.

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Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there lived a meek and mild therapist who worked in a quiet clinic on a long and noisy road.

Every day was a joy to her because she loved meeting new people and she loved being of assistance to people in pain and helping them reclaim choices again in their lives.

Some of these people became long-time friends, they shared books and recipes and told tales of holidays and events, just because they could and everyone was happy!

One day, a very, tall, strong man came to ask for assistance with a pain he had.

He sat in the waiting room with his big muscly arms folded in front of him and tapping his foot impatiently on the floor.

He had filled out his client form and he was happily greeted by the therapist as she way saying goodbye to another client.

He had a frown on his face and he was in a very bad mood because of this pain he had in his back.

He wasn’t used to being in pain because he was very fit and he had a black belt in Karate.

Everyone who met him knew he had a black belt in karate because he told them so.

Anyway, the meek and mild therapist was running a few minutes late on that day of all days.

She was having a lovely conversation with the last client who was a little slower with getting ready to go.

This made the karate man even angrier. 

He didn’t like to be kept waiting even if it was five minutes, because he had a list of very important things to do that day.

When it was his turn to have his time with the meek and mild therapist, he pushed his way past her into the room.

He stood very intimidatingly close in front of her, in her personal space, and in an angry voice yelled, “You’re late! My appointment was supposed to start 5 minutes ago! I’m very busy!”

The meek and mild therapist agreed that , yes, she was late, and said she was sorry,
that he felt that way.

She then asked what was the purpose of his visit and the session continued.

He again made an appointment with the meek and mild therapist for the following week.

He was 10 mins late, just to prove a point, to the meek and mild therapist who proceeded to ask how his week had been.

He stood very close again in the therapist’s personal space and announced that he was on a powerful journey.

He announced that he was on a journey to find his true power and had left his family, his wife and children to do so.

Nothing was going to stop him in his quest.

So the meek and mild therapist congratulated him on his quest and later, as she was treating him she asked, “Are you on a journey to discover the power of the Yin? It’s considered one of the most powerful ways of thinking!”

He answered in a confused way, “The power of what?”

The therapist replied, “The power of the Yin. It’s when you connect with your feminine energy. It’s a very powerful energy and not to be trifled with. You can read all about it in a little book called The Art of War. My daughter gave it to me as a gift for my last birthday.”

The karate man had no idea what the meek and mild therapist was talking about.

He left with his yang energy a little more confused and was never seen again in the little, quiet, clinic on the long, noisy road.

And the meek and mild therapist and the other people in the waiting room happily ever after!

The power of the Yin is indeed explained in the publication “The Art of War”, an ancient Chinese book of wisdom.

The power of the yin or feminine energy is the subtle art of stepping aside to allow our opponents to fall. It’s used in the martial arts by stepping back or to the side and not wasting energy on an opposing force.

It’s a strong but quiet energy. Using the opponent’s energy and force to deflect them.

The meek and mild therapist didn’t want to have such negative energy in her place of work and by stepping aside she allowed the energy to leave without any argument.

Sometimes we have to allow things to slide and not get hooked up in things we have no control over.

Sometimes we get hooked into things that are not in our best interests.

And sometimes we try to push through and create stress and tension for ourselves.

Or we may find ourselves around people who become energy vampires , you know, the ones that leave us exhausted after they’ve gone home.

We really don’t need to be around them.

And if we find ourselves in situations that aren’t serving us or around people who constantly upset or threaten us, what’s that about anyway?

Next time I’d like to talk about some of the intrinsic needs that have to be met by us all. It’s like breathing, they’re not an option.

Until then, don’t just exist, live life!

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