Letting Go – Episode 016

Letting Go

Hello again. Welcome to After the waiting room.  My name is Shane Sullivan and I hope you’re enjoying these podcasts so far. Today, I thought I’d call the podcast letting go. Listen to the Podcast I’ve been working in aged care oncology and palliative care for quite a few years now, and I also work…

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Anchors – Episode 015


Hello again. Welcome and thanks for taking time to listen to the next episode of After The Waiting Room. Last time I talked about variety and how important it is in order to accomplish goals and to finish things we want to have or to complete. It’s a neat way to coax ourselves to complete…

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Variety – Episode 014


Hello, I’m Shayne Sullivan and welcome to the next episode of After The Waiting Room. Have you ever promised yourself that you’d do something or think you should do something and then not follow through? It’s so frustrating isn’t it? I mean, you get all enthusiastic about something and think it will be fabulous when…

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Stories – Episode 013


Welcome to After The Waiting Room. I’m Shayne Sullivan and thanks for joining me to listen to more stories and insights that may assist you and those you love. This is episode 13 and at the time of writing, it’s a Friday. So I’m going to make it mean that it’s time for some black…

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Reframing – Episode 012


Hi there! I’m Shayne Sullivan. Thanks for joining me again at After The Waiting Room. Today I’d like to talk about reframing and why it’s such a wonderful tool to have in your repertoire of strategies you can use to keep you in control of the reality you make up for yourself. Listen to the…

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