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Welcome to After The Waiting Room.

I’m Shayne Sullivan and thanks for joining me to listen to more stories and insights that may assist you and those you love.

This is episode 13 and at the time of writing, it’s a Friday.

So I’m going to make it mean that it’s time for some black humour.

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I hear comments from people who seemingly have their backs against the wall.

And sometimes their response can be very funny!

It’s a great way to diffuse some of the tension that we all experience when things just aren’t going our way.

I suppose it’s another form of reframing.

And humour is always good to have in your back pocket to look at things differently when the timing is right.

One of my clients parents said to me in front of her,

“We thought she could have come up with a better way of getting attention being the middle child.”

“Really! What was she thinking Shayne?”

Another client came in with tears in his eyes, talking about his treatment plan and said,

“I’m so upset! No actually, I’m really pissed off! Do you know what those doctors said to me?”

He was so angry and so exasperated, and I was really getting concerned for him.

“I’m so upset. I can hardly say it!”

There was a really long pause.

“I’m going to lose my hair!”

He was actually bald.

I thought he really had me going for a while.

Another client was telling me that his dad said he felt like giving up and ending it all.

And he said to him, “You can’t do that dad! The dam is only dog deep, it’s not full enough yet!”

A fellow is was seeing in the hospital was wearing some lovely red tartan pyjamas.

I commented on lovely they were.

He said his wife had picked them out just in case there was blood involved so you wouldn’t notice it on the red pyjamas.

There are hundreds of funny scenarios that we come across and I’d love to hear some of your own.

So if you can drop me a line at, I would love to hear from you.

Until next time, don’t just exist, live life!

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