Your Identity – Episode 006

Your Identity

Last time I talked a little more about timelines and how we can use them to our advantage when we want to slow down, relax and be more in the moment. Now everyone can use this nifty concept. In this episode, I’d like to explore what we fight the hardest to keep. Come hell or…

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Timelines – Episode 005


Last time I talked about slowing down and how I used timeline therapy to do just that. Now everyone can use this nifty concept. Listen to the Podcast Workaholics Workaholics going on holiday. Workaholics in hospital! I’ve met quite a few! Normal people trying to relax and just wanting to have a break. Those of…

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Slow Down – Episode 004

Slow Down - ATWR 004

Whoa! Slow down! Last time I talked about the story or stories we unconsciously tell ourselves about who we are and about how we make things and events mean something. We collect evidence that will support our story because our unconscious mind needs to be right. Listen to the Podcast I also talked about how…

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves – Episode 003

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

So, I thought I’d continue on with the stories we tell ourselves and others. We all have our own stories.They make us who we are. Listen to the Podcast Stories aboutwhere we came from, Our families and where we fit into them, Life experiences – Some are sad, some are hilarious and make for great…

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What’s Your Story – Episode 002

After the Waiting Room - What's Your Story

What’s your story? What’s the story you keep telling yourself over and over? Listen to the Podcast Have you heard yourself saying things likeI have….. I’m the one with…. I’m going to….. I’m my …….son , daughter And what do you make the story mean about you and those around you?Things like:I’m brokenI’m just like….I’m…

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Shayne’s Story – Episode 001

Shayne's Story

Have you ever found yourself in a waiting room wondering what the next step will be? Are you waiting with a loved one or a Carer? Are you worried about results of your own or those of someone you love and care for? What will be your options ? How will you get your head…

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The Teaser Episode

After the Waiting Room - Teaser Episode

After the Waiting Room, a place where myotherpist, Shayne Sullivan shares, tells stories and provides insights into how to be present – for the person you may be caring for, and for yourself. Shayne will share anecdotes from people she sees in her practice and in the community, and with a mindset perspective, explore ideas…

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