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Last time I talked about variety and how important it is in order to accomplish goals and to finish things we want to have or to complete.

It’s a neat way to coax ourselves to complete things that we may have found overwhelming or unpleasant or just have to be done.

We do this by giving ourselves a little reward in stages until we have finished what we are determined to complete.

I also talked about how I use anchoring with my clients as a means to inject variety and desired emotions at difficult times.

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When we think of some of the best times we’ve had in our lives, a range of positive emotions are present.

It’s important to know we can access these states at any time,

We don’t have to wait for them to happen to us!

We can create them at will and we can access any emotional state that will serve us in many different situations.

At different times I’ve used anchors for myself and also my clients for situations when a strong resourceful state is what is required.

Some situations such as:

Job interviews, going to the dentist, appearing in court, making a speech, going through a procedure, organising an event, starting a new venture, and many, many more.

Anchors surround us every day.

Things we see, hear, and what our bodies feel.

If they happen often enough then they become anchored.

Just think of all the advertising we are bombarded with through our phones, our TV, and radios.

It is a very powerful resource to have and today I’m going to gift one to you.

So now I’d like you to come on a little fun journey with me.

First of all, you need to pick an anchor site.

This will be the button you press when you want to access some resourceful states for yourself.

The site could be a point on your leg, your ear, your chest, maybe over your heart, anywhere that’s easy to get to.

Have you decided yet?

Now, close your eyes.

Think of one of the best experiences you’ve had and a particular emotional state that you want to anchor.

It could be an event you went to, a special dinner with friends and loved ones, a holiday of a lifetime, orbeing warm and secure and contented at home.

Now, decide on the emotion

Remember the time and that feeling associated with the event.

Have you thought of it?

Now I want you to imagine that you are there in that experience.

Right there.

Who is with you?

What are you wearing?

Look around you.

What do you see and what are their shapes and colours?

Who or what do you hear around you?

Applause, laughter, the wind, waves on the shore?

And what are you feeling on your body?

The warm sun?

A slight breeze?

What are you standing or sitting or laying on?

Is there movement involved?

Just experience being there.

Now, open your eyes.

And give yourself a little shake and wiggle your toes, roll your shoulders.

Now touch the same spot again and close your eyes. 

Do you feel like you’re there again?

Breathe it all in again.

That’s right, very good.

And open your eyes.

You can place a lot of resourceful emotions in that very same spot.

When new wonderful things happen you can just remember them by anchoring them in that spot when they’re happening.

Then you can recall that state whenever you want.

It’s pretty cool.

You can also choose other anchor spots as well.

Strength, happiness, joy, courage, compassion, love, resilience, forgiveness, laughter,

I’m sure you can think of many more.

Remember a special time and it may be the same event for different emotional states.

Have fun with your gift and if you want to give some feedback, I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, don’t just exist, live life!

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