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After the Waiting Room

with Shayne Sullivan

don't just exist, Live Life

Ego and the Six Core Needs – Episode 009

Hello again, and welcome back to After The Waiting Room. My name is Shayne Sullivan and I’m here today to talk about our ego and how important it is for us to feed it the elements it needs in order for...

The Power of the Yin – Episode 008

Welcome! I’m Shayne and thanks for joining me again In After The Waiting Room. It’s storytime today. Please join me. Listen to the Podcast Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there lived a meek and...

Mind-Body Connection – Episode 007

Thanks for taking time to join me and welcome to the next episode where I’ll be exploring the connection between our mind and our body. Some pains that manifest in our bodies can’t be explained by physical causes alone. You...
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